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Cottonwood Farm ResidentsSuffolks are one of the dominant sheep breeds in Canada. The lambs are usually twins, exceed all others in rate of gain and do well on small farms. The rams are widely used as terminal sires because of their ability to pass on valuable traits in meat production, i.e., rate of gain, carcass quality and high red meat content.

The Romney, historically a dual purpose breed, is found in every type of farming environment. When handled properly, lambs from this versatile sheep efficiently convert pasture into lean, high quality carcasses of heavy hanging weights that usually grade prime or choice. Demands by consumers for lean cuts of meat from well-muscled carcasses make it evident that the future of the lamb market rests with breeds having these attributes.

Helping to protect the sheep from predators is guardian dogs Jessas Hungarian Kuvasz, Brody, Great Pyrenees. In addition, Tina, a Border Collie, helps move the sheep. For pest control is Fox Terrier, Zoe.

Photo of our Yearling Ram Max